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Our History

Matt: I am a lifetime carnivore who loves every type of meat. Hamburgers and BBQ are my love language. Also, I love sugar and all of the baked goods that are made. Donuts, cakes, brownies, and ice cream are things I cannot get enough of and love dearly (and my tummy shows it). However, at the age of 41, I developed cancer. With a wife, two great kids and baby #3 on the way during my diagnosis, something had to change. I completely changed my eating lifestyle going from full carnivore and sugar consumer to an all-vegan lifestyle. In addition, I gave up sugar since it promotes cancer growth. I also took on a little to no soy, gluten-free, all organic, and natural lifestyle. This means all food, body care products, and lifestyle products (air fresheners, cleaners, detergents, etc.) are vegan and clean. Join us as we go from carnivores and sugar fiends to vegans and a no sugar added lifestyle.